r&dhigh feature projects

High technology products and value added services in immediate data processing, broadcasting, analysis, process management and reporting.

"The Leader of Technology" is always ahead

Founded as a software house in 1997, IBS develops Research and Development (R&D) quality premise projects and holds a place as a technological support partner behind the services of customers in the firms.

  • The first data broadcasting firm to get the license of broadcasting profoundity information on tne net.
  • The first local/domestic firm to advance the digital satellite broadcasting and the data transmission technology.
  • The creator of the product that lets stock exchange order.
  • The first firm to use the gprs technology in data broadcasting in mobile phones.
  • The only data broadcasting firm in the first group acknowledged by ITU(Istanbul Technical University) Ari Teknokent.
  • The first domestic product developer in the international standards in the Digital Signage sector.


What We Do?

  • FX Retail Broker Solutions
  • Business Support Solutions
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Monitoring, Analysis and Trading
  • FIX & DMA Connectivity Solutions
  • Digital Signage
  • Dinamic Application Development
  • Global Approach Solutions