r&dhigh feature projects

High technology products and value added services in immediate data processing, broadcasting, analysis, process management and reporting.

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Trading Solutions

IBS develops software for High-Profile Trading Platform, Basket Orders, Exchange-Trade Fund (ETF) Management and Execution Algoritms. It present solutions to the needs of connection such as FIX and DMA.

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All FX Retail Brokers wish to rule the process with necessities of its age.

Retail Brokers that operate in the Forex markets to need specialized softwares to the most private needs.

IBS provides specialized solutions for FX Retail Brokers.

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Who We Are?

IBS was founded in 1997 as a software house. It provides connection and trading solutions for stock markets.

IBS is the technological support, behind the service of the customers in many firms in financial sector. IBS develops software in telecomunication and media sector.

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